Have you ever dreamed you are a lord of medieval castle? In World of Castles you can be right the one! Build your castle from a scratch or select from build ones and just modify it. Would you also like to lead armies and fight with a sword in a hand?
World of Castles are waiting for you!

Be medieval architect, commander and champion.
Be the Lord!  

Welcome to the lands ruled by feudalism. Walk through the dark ages of raw middleage. Build your fief, forth into splendid castle. But one day, they come...

Take your horse, give orders to your men and go. Fight with that daring fools yourself in the first line.

Be medieval architect, commander and champion.
Be the Lord!  


Building your own castle
At the beginning you’ll have a small pool of starting blocks to build your very first castle. Develop your skills in combat to earn money and experience. Money will purchase more blocks to expand your castle. Experience levels you up, opening up new block types and other building opportunities. A higher level also earns you more fame, which indicates how many blocks and items you can use to build your castle. The more fame you have, the bigger and more elegant a castle you can build. Every piece has a specific use: ballistas for defence, beds for soldiers, and plants and art to improve the morality of the castle’s occupants. As the castle’s king, it’s your duty to provide the perfect balance of defence, occupancy, and morality. From this, what will begin as a small keep will evolve into a sprawling fortification with towers, steeples, and secrets.

When a player decides to fight other players, game itself find an opponent with the most similar castle fame. At the beginning of each battle attacker deploys his marshals to the field while defender deploys his marshals inside his castle. Players then give first commands to their marshals and begin fight in 1st person view. Throughout each battle each side has a few tactical calls to give new orders to their marshals from the top down view. Attacker wins if he kills all the enemy marshals or captures the throne in a given time limit. Defender wins if he kills all the enemy marshals or survive the time limit. Players has also a chance to invite their friends to battle. In this case both players fame is add up and the game finds one equivalent defender.

From time to time we plan to publish shorter single player campaigns based on storytelling and role playing. First one will teach the player all the game mechanics while the others will by inspired by true historical stories. For completing these stories player is awarded with other useful blocks, units, items, flags etc. Tutorial campaign and one or two normal campaigns will be accessible to everybody from the beginning.

In game you are able to terraform terrain a little to work better for your castle. Means you can dig holes, hills, cut trees, or plant them. All objects in game are destructible. Each place on map brings some original advantages and disadvantages. We are planning to bring more maps which each will bring unique enviroment. Part of the game is procedural like creation of soldiers, block addons, textures... To reduce repeatancy and make game easier to play


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World of Castles coming to Indiegogo! [7.2.2017]
Do you want to buy a game for the best price and play the game among the first ones. Support development of World of Castles campaign at indiegogo. Together lets make this game real!

World of Castles needs your votes at Steam Greenlight [7.2.2017]
Ladies and gentlemen steam needs to be more medieval, right? Would be awesome to have WoC in your steam library all together with all your favorite games, right? Let's tell it to steam. Remember each vote counts!

Runaway train. Is on Steam Greenlight [20.12.2016]
Runaway train is our first made game avaible on steam Greenlight. Take a look and vote. Game is ready to release.

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Game Design: Jakub Hamerník
Graphic Design: Michal Hamerník
Sound Composer: Darío Blanco
Lead Tester: Stanislav Halas
History Expert: Michal Blazek
Public Relations: Dominique Jordan

Be medieval architect, commander and champion.
Be the Lord!